A New Beginning


This blog is the starting point for me really.  I’ve been writing a book that I have been pregnant with for the last 10 years.  As the book unfolds we witness a love story, a scary movie, a comedy and all that seems unreal manifesting into the world that we call real.  But most of all my book is simply one woman’s journey toward Oneness.  My awakening, my purpose and my gift that I have to offer humanity that unfolds as I unfold.  We all have something and we all have a book, or so they say.  My story unfolds in a way that I hope to be able to portray the ups and downs to put it mildly, the challenges the great loves and the great losses that all make up who we are.  But for me this is more than just a journey, this is about Life itself, about life beyond life and about the ultimate journey toward the Godhead in whatever terminology that is to you.  God is Good, Good is God, God is Geometry and God is Divine.  I hope to show you how the Divine and the Geometry, the Sacred of Sacreds is unfolding like a lotus petal through the journey of life.  I hope to be able to shock you and excite you and enfold you in the energy of Love; a love that is beyond human love; the Love that is Divine and the Love that allows us to be in acceptance of all that is because we awaken to the All That Is.

This blog is beginning now because I have finished my first draft of the first book of two, or maybe even three in this series before I embark upon the many books I have the desire to write on the many topics that are my passion.  I know I am about to embark upon a new journey of challenges as I set to learn about where I go from here in bringing my book to the world.  The editing is just about to begin, and I feel within my being a nervousness that I know if I let it, will become a force that could block my further progress.  I’m not going to let that happen, so I am writing this blog to share the journey with you; the pitfalls, the stumbles and even snippets of my story.  With your encouragement I’m bringing this amazing story of the journey with LUXOR Light; an energy of the Divine that I was shown how to share with the world.  I hope to awaken you to a thirst of wanting to know more, of wanting to taste this experience for yourself in your own way under the terms of your soul’s desire.  I hope that my ordinary self can share my extra-ordinary story with you so you can see the extra-ordinary in you!

In Love We Unite



4 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Every word you have written is from your heart and soul with divine guidance that Is going to resonate with millions of people in all nations around the globe. As you embark on another big part of your journey take the time to see what you have accomplished this amazing energy is going to go out to the masses, it will bring peace, love, and guidance and joy to all who are in need just by reading your book (books) so congratulations and exciting times are ahead and keep those magical words flowing out of your divine heart. Love n Light Linda


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