It Said Take a Break

Natural Bridge at the Gap, Albany, Western Australia

Natural Bridge at the Gap, Albany, Western Australia

Nearly a week ago, I realised I was pretty much done with the first draft of my book.  It was time to start looking at where the next step should be.  I did a bit of Googling to find out what suggestions I could find and the one that jumped out at me was ~ “Take a break!” and apparently the longer you have been writing then that should determine the length of the break.  Take a week or two… I guess I would be in the category of the two, but then again, I have only written intermittently for the last 10 years because I had to live the experience before I could write it and then I had to heal from the experience so I could write it from a healed perspective and see the bigger picture.  So, take a break is easy given I already had a weeks holiday planned and now instead of seeing that as an obstacle to finishing my work, I saw it as the perfect ingredient to allow me to return to my work fresh and hopefully with new inspiration to add as I move through the editing experience.

I have a publisher in mind, but as I did my feeble amount of research the other big thing that stood out to me was that they do not look at anyone who does not have an agent.  So, I guess I’ve learned two things so far and I have a direction to follow.  I’m seriously not going to overload myself or I know full well I will stop and probably waste another couple of years.  It looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me and I need to be careful that I don’t get sidetracked with the researching that I conveniently detour from the editing!

I’m back and I’m delaying myself again… I’ll give myself one more day and then I have to face my story again… for the thousandth time because I did tend to get side tracked with as you go type editing as my own healing process brought me back time and time again to rewrite from a more healed perspective.  I’m envisaging there is a lot more to tidy up as I go this time…. wish me luck!

Just like the photo I took on my break down south, I feel I have a natural bridge to cross, but it feels like I’m not allowed on it for fear of being washed by a freak wave!!

I Am Who I Am




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