And That’s Not All


This image is from the National Geographic

Tarantulas weren’t enough to shift me out of my un-comfort zone; in fact they were actually placing me “in” my un-comfort zone.  I chose to read the scary story at first not having got around to finding the symbolism, so for the next day I was seeing the dream as a sign of entrapment and so the dreams continued early the next morning.

This time I was on some sort of off shore rig and with a group of elderly people that were all wrapped up in some sort of blanketing and were going to take part in a rolly polly game.  I was concerned we would have a “and they all rolled over and one fell out” scenario.  I felt responsible for this group, a little as if they were one of my tour groups.  I began to climb down from the upper rig areas with a sense of urgency to tell them to be careful and not to roll over and into the sea.  As I climbed down I could see a school of sharks.  At first I could see about 5 circling around the area and all of a sudden there were hundreds coming in close.  I was not concerned about the sharks for myself but very concerned for the people as I ran down to give warning.  All of a sudden I saw a huge Killer Whale and my first reaction was one of absolute awe at such beauty of this magnificent creature.  But quickly I realised this great creature was after me and was headed straight for me.  I turned and ran to escape it as it pushed itself up and onto the platform and I felt the fear rise and then I woke up.

I run tour groups in a land where there are a lot of sharks around if you get my drift.  I’m not afraid of these sharks because I know how to handle them and I understand where they are coming from, but I do get concerned for my groups.  So, I was already thinking this was to do with my tour work, what else could it be?  Why was I receiving this warning?  The Killer Whale was after me and for some reason I felt that was a bad thing.  I thought he was after me like a shark but something didn’t fit the picture quite right, how could this be? It felt like the biggest shark was after me, but reality is this great big so called Killer is actually a very gentle and wise whale.  So, again I waited another day before I Googled having spent now two days thinking in the negative concepts, testing my ability to stay in my Truth.  So I found a site with the symbolism of the Orca also known as the Killer Whale .  I was concerned the sharks would attack these gentle people all wrapped up in their cocoons.  I didn’t want them to come to any harm.  The sharks in many numbers can be so unpredictable and create a great frenzy.  What could I be stirring up by bringing this story to the world, how would it affect those who are not yet ready to hear? This would certainly be enough for me to hold back.  But how would it affect me?  I didn’t personally feel threatened by the sharks but I did feel afraid of the Killer Whale.  It wasn’t until I mentioned the dream to my father that he said Killer Whales are harmless, that I began to wonder what the greater meaning really was. Why did I run from something so beautiful and harmless, what was I afraid of?    He was big, maybe his greatness could crush me.

On the site that I found, once again the meaning fit my experience like a glove.   Again, the message was talking about strength and perseverance, but also it is a sign pointing me toward stepping away from my fears that have been holding me back and into my life’s calling and purpose.  The Orcas have a cosmic consciousness and are connected to the stars.  They hold the secrets of manifestation and alchemy turning thought into form.  But, there was more to this symbolism that at the moment I choose not to reveal lest it paint the wrong picture through the experiences in my life that have had to take a number of years to find the truth and divine meaning.  For now I let that ride until I can write it in a way that shows the perfect balance of yin and yang, of the balance that our journey on this path on earth is here to teach us.  My book is all about symbolism and the process that we all follow and how that relates to the path of the initiate; that is the one who chooses to follow a conscious path toward awakening.  My dreams are reigniting and testing my own faith in following the signs.

I feel happy with the meaning of my dreams and ready to listen to the messages they are bringing me.  Basically they are saying “Don’t be a woos, the time is now, get on with it!”


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