The Weight of Sirius


Editing means more than just a bit of punctuation, adding and submitting. As I read through my book, I’m learning more about myself and about my journey, gaining greater understanding about my own process and that of LUXOR Light. Trying to convey it in the book is not that easy when I have to summarise it and put it into my story which is hopefully going to be a best seller in the “creative non-fiction” range. I came across this following information as I try to explain in just a few words what the feeling is like when I had my downloads of energy that later became a regular occurrence until I anchored my higher self. I don’t have the “heavy feeling” so much any more only occasionally because it is easier for me to carry now.   If we ever needed confirmation that the energy is that of the Star System Sirius, this has to be one of the best descriptions ……………

In the Sumerian civilization, predating the Egyptians, their epic poem Epic of Gilgamesh describes a dream of Gilgamesh where the hero is drawn irresistibly to a “heavy star” that cannot be lifted despite immense effort. This star descends from heaven to him and is described as having a very “potent essence” and being the “God of heaven.” Gilgamesh had, for his companions, 50 oarsmen in the great ship Argo (this constellation borders Canis Major, where Sirius is found). These elements comprise almost a complete description of Sirius B: a super-heavy gravitationally powerful star made of concentrated super-dense matter (essence) with the number 50 associated with it (describing its orbital period).” ~

And there you go,this is why it is so heavy!


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